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It is one cool thing to catch Vermillion Snapper, but to catch multiple Vermillion Snappers on a Chicken Rig, is cooler! 12 Inch is the length they need to be to keep, and it is 5 per person in addition to the 10 per person snapper aggregate. Makes for a great bonus snapper for dinner! Last night we had Vermillion Snapper for dinner! We put it in a glass pan with panko crumbs on top splash of Key lime juice, Olive oil, and capers, and baked it for 15- 20 minuets at 350 degrees or until golden and fully cooked white in the middle. Then paired it with some rice, veggies and black beans! Mmm Delicious. So if you would like a chance to catch these delicious fish, Come aboard the Muzzy Struck boat, and we will take you on a charter or your life! We not only know how to fish, where to find the fish but are great with kids, and great with clients!

Cooler full of Vermillion Snapper

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