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One of the coolest Grouper are the Snowy Grouper, and they taste amazing! We had a 3/4 day charter and brought them out and anchored up to a perfect spot. Caught many Mahi, a Snowy grouper and threw some back because this Charter did not want to have to bring too much fish home with them on the plane! Charting is going great right now! If you want to have an amazing day, catching fish, with the best captain out there! Lets go fishing! Not only does Captain RD know his waters, he has a great personality and works great with all ages. We would love to take you fishing to experience this, its not just a once in a lifetime because we would love to take you all the time! The more you take charters the more fish varieties and sizes we can catch. I have noticed you do not want a Cocky Captain but you would want a confident Captain and RD has that! Give us call or email! It is a great gift idea as well. Another great idea is for the guys who need a good time for a bachelor weekend!

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