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Mini Lobster season had finally come and already gone. Here in the heart of the keys mini lobster season is so important and large, we have our town FULL! All boat ramps, and beaches are extra crowded but tourists bring in money to our home here in the heart of the keys as well. Our waters are just too beautiful to not be shared! Every year it does seem like there is less lobster out there, and I believe eventually they need more laws and need to let the lobster become more populated again. I am not saying there is no lobster but I am getting tired of all the over fishing and how the fishing was so different way back when. We need to respect our waters more and somehow make our fish population get better. The laws they have now help but it is not enough. On a good note, that lobster was delicious for dinner!! Some people bake, grill or boil! Last night we baked it! Mini Season was 6 lobster per person per day, and you have to have your lobster stamp and fishing license. They made a new rule this season that if you caught 10 lion fish you can keep one more lobster making it 7 count. That was not easy as I can barley find lion fish these days, which is a good thing since they are bad for our waters. They are delicious though as well, and I personally love lion fish fresh and not cooked! (Although I have not tried it cooked yet I have heard it is just as mouth watering.)

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