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Mahi season is still here! This girl had the guts to put the fin in her mouth so we had to post this! Girls who fish! Yahoo! You want to catch tons of Mahi?? Come to Muzzy Struck Sport fishing located at Tarpon Creek Marina. Now Mahi is a great fish to keep to eat, or keep to give away to friends and family members. Mahi can be done fried as well with some tartar sauce and lemon juice…. MMM MMM yum. Out of all fish though, Mahi is not the #1! You have to try African Pompano or Snowy Grouper! This charter we took a whole family out, kids, teens and mom and dad. Fishing charters can be for anyone! Just be careful if you get sea sick, I cannot tell enough people about this! Sometimes people do not realize they can become sea sick, so do not take chances and take some Bonine the night before and morning of the fishing trip. Bonine is like Dramamine but without the drowsiness, which is much better so you do not get too sleepy on the boat.

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