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Lobster Season will open this Thursday August 6th 2015 at 12:00 am. Lobsters here we come! Hopefully we will be chartering every day and lobstering every night. Right now the snappers are still in spawn, and mmm are they mouth watering! Commercial trappers already dropped all their traps and will pull them in for the first time on Thursday. I am hoping they do well but not too well so that others can have some lobster as well. The 6 per person per day limit was already hard enough to hit during mini lobster season. Now that were going into full lobster season, the lobster are no longer dumb… They become more smart, and hide up under the rocks even more. On Thursday of Mini Lobster season we were snorkeling and saw in the day time (2) lobster just walking about on the bottom of the ocean, which is VERY unusual for the day time. They usually only come out and walk about during the night to feed and migrate. If you have never been on a boat at night and shined lights to the bottom of the ocean in the shallow flats you need to try it! You will see one or more lobsters walking about, and its even cooler to see them walk in groups or pairs. Through the water it is very hard to tell if they are big enough or not as the water makes them look bigger!

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