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To live in the keys is not for everyone. Even though it is Paradise, we are a small town here and do not always having everything we want accessible at the top of our fingers. This Summer has been beautiful but HOT HOT HOT! We are now going into hurricane season with our First Hurricane on it’s way “Danny”. Lobster season was so exciting to start, but to find legal size lobster now is SO hard. They are just too tasty! Every Sunset we have here is Unique in its own way, and no matter how many we view they are always breathtaking. If you do not love the Ocean life the keys is a hard place to live. Thankfully I have the LOVE of the ocean: Spearfishing, Sport fishing, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, and Jumping off Bridges! We do not have a bowling alley here in Marathon but I think that be fun! We have our small theater that plays one movie a week! We do have great dining, many restaurants I would recommend and some that are just not good enough to make the Cut!

1. Lazy Days South

2. Burdines Water Front

3. Key Colony Inn

4. Castaways

5. Keys Fisheries

6. Grassy Key Outpost

7. Sunset Grill

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