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Frequently Asked Questions For Muzzy Sportfishing

Select one of our most commonly asked questions below to find the answer. If you have any additional questions about our Florida Keys Fishing Charters, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to accommodate your fishing trip and boating needs.

What About Inclement Weather?
What Not to Bring?
  • NO Black bottomed shoes! They mark the Boat.
  • NO Legal drugs! They jeopardizes the boats and Captains licensees.
  • NO Spray on sun block. The fiberglass on the vessel reacts with the chemicals in the spray and causes it to yellow after being exposed just once. Please leave the spray sunblock at home.
  • NO half worn pants ie. prison wear. all bathing suite are acceptable wear them properly.
  • NO GPS’s are allowed. Our fishing locations are shared with others charter captains that make a living from these numbers. They do not expect to see anybody else fishing them. If you find them as we did fine, don’t steal them!
What Time Should I Arrive?



Are Kids Welcome?

Fishing and boating is a great experience for children. We recommend that you not bring children that are too small. Ultimately you will have to make the call on the minimum age. Don’t want you to regret bringing the little one and we have to go home early because they are ready to be done.

What Will We Catch?

Shark Fishing

Sharks are everywhere in the Florida Keys and we generally encounter them on every trip. We are always willing to set a bait to catch one for you. Our shark trips are designed around the species of shark you would most like to catch. Species we can target are: Lemon, Bull, Blacktip, Nurse or Hammerhead. Often we catch all different species in the same trip. Shark trips are typically 5 hours, and a great family outing.


Reef and wreck Fishing

Fishing for Demersal fish, which primarily live in the Benthic Zone, meaning those fish that primarily live and feed near the oceans floor is always a great adventure. This includes all species of Grouper and Snapper: Red, Black, Gag and Goliath Grouper, Yellowtail, Mangrove, Mutton Lane, and Dog Snapper and finally, Hogfish. On these trips we typically add on to our catch Amberjack, Cobia, Shark, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Cero Mackerel and Sailfish.



Offshore fishing

Targeting Pelagics: These fish live in the Pelagic zone of the ocean. This is the deeper ocean waters. Typically these fish live neither close to the ocean floor nor land. They live in a vast area. Fishing for them is a true hunt for fish. Fortunately for us we have the warm ocean current known as the Gulf Stream and the Bahamian Bank that concentrates these fish as they pass by our island. This and several underwater Mountains, known as humps, create an area we call the up and downs and help us find these fish daily. All Pelagics can be caught year round out of Marathon, however there are peak seasons for each.


Dolphin ( Mahi Mahi)  are the fastest growing fish living in the ocean and some of the shortest lived. Caught year round off Marathon, with the peak season for both big fish and numbers. Our big fish are caught mostly April to June with large numbers of smaller fish generally showing up mid May and lingering in to the summer. Our fall run begins in October as the temperatures begin to cool, and last into December.


Wahoo, one of the fastest fish in the ocean, are present year round in the Florida Keys. From December thru February they are most prevalent along the outer reef in 120 to 180 feet of water. As spring arrives we find these fish further offshore around debris floating further off shore. This pattern lasts well into summer. I think Wahoo go their name because its the first word that come to mind as the line screams from the reel….Wahooooooooo!


Blackfin Tuna. These Tasty fighters offer consistent action here in the keys. In the winter some larger fish visit the reef line and can be caught while fishing other species as a bye catch or specifically targeted by venturing to the Marathon hump where both large fish and number can be had. As usual Skipjack tuna and the occasional yellowfin are harvested on the same trips.


Marlin are present in our waters year round. They are not as prevalent here as ti other parts if the world but can be and are caught here the trick is to be ready. they generally follow schools of tuna and Mahi. The trick is to be ready at all times. We generally have at least one bait in our pattern that would appeal to a marlin. When at the hump, a marlin hot spot, we will make at least one past that is Marlin specific.


Sailfish Maybe the fastest fish in the ocean. Caught year round in the key with peak months for smaller fish mixed with large fish beginning as the weather cools in November thru December these fish are mostly caught as they chase ballyhoo along the reefs edge. This season culminates with tailing season as fish are caught site fishing a they ride the ocean waves to the west in the annual migration. When these condition are not present standard live baiting and kite fishing will produce nice catches of these fantastic fighters.


Lobster trips

Book us anything the Lobster season is open. Every year here in the Keys there is a mini 2 day  lobster season in July and a regular season that starts in august and end in March. Our Boat liscence covers you. No liscence required. We can take 6 people and the limit is 6 lobster per person. Tasty!

Can I Bring My Camera?

You’re more than welcome to bring a camera, but it is your responsibility to be sure it doesn’t get wet or damaged. We will be traveling quickly over water, and things bounce around. Water also splashes into the console of the boat. Please keep these things in mind. I might suggest only bringing a waterproof camera.

Are Food & Beverages Provided?

Food and beverages are not typically provided. It is your responsibility to bring plenty of food and drink.

We are happy to make catering arrangements if you prefer, be sure to let us know when you call to book you are interested in this option.

What Should I Wear?

What do I wear?

  • Shorts, t-shirts and flip flops are the standard attire for most of the year.
  • Wear boat shoes or sneakers if you prefer (please nothing with a black sole).
  • In cooler weather, you may prefer long pants, long sleeve shirts and sneakers.
  • Dress in layers.  You can always take things off, but you can’t put on what you don’t have with you.
  • Hats and sunglasses will protect you from the sun.  Polarized sunglasses will aid in seeing the fish in the water.
  • The Florida Keys sun is strong year round.  Be sure to bring sun screen and lip balm and use them both!
What If I get Sea Sick?

Please take precaution. Any trip in which the client ask to return to the dock for any reason will be charged for the entire booking trip.

For each booked trip the crew will have readied the boat, This includes getting up before first light taking a smaller boat out to catch live bait. Returning to the boat off loading the bait to filled live wells. Loading the boat with ice, other bait, chum and fishing gear, going thru an engine check list. Welcoming you aboard. stowing you gear and heading for open water. There will be fuel burned and a return to the dock, where your gear we be off loaded, Bait returned to the freezer and bait pens. Rod and tackle cleaned and stored. The boat cleaned top to bottom. and your fish clean and waiting for you to take home. There is a lot of time, effort and expense that is accrued in every trip. More than meets the eye. Please understand we love to fish and the last thing we want to do is cut your day short.If you feel conditions are to rough for you we can change plans we can find calmer waters on most any day. Of course we would have to change the targeted species. but rest assured the rods will bend.

What Should I Bring?
  • Bring food and drink. Cooler Space with ice is available onboard the vessel.
  • Headwear, it will  protect you from the sun and help you see fish.
  • Polarized glasses to see fish, a must!
  • Dress appropriately for the weather conditions. The day can start out cool and hot by the end of the day. We suggest layering you clothes. If it rains our vessel has a totally dry area & rain gear is optional.
  • Boat shoes or sneakers.
  • Sun Block lotion. The sun, even on cloudy days, can deliver an uncomfortable burn.
  • Seasickness remedy. If you are prone to sea sickness please take precautions. Most remedies suggest you start treatment the night before. Please follow the directions.

Still need Help? Here are some options

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